2011 Kohashi/Taniguchi Award – Tom Kawada

The Kohashi / Taniguchi annual award was started in 1976 by CYC to honor an outstanding adult volunteer.  It was named after CYC Co-Founder Shig Kohashi and in 2004, Kenji Taniguchi’s name was added to recognize his 45 years of service to CYC.

The 2011 recipient of the Kohashi/Taniguchi award is Tom Kawada.  Congratulations Tom!

Tom has been associated with CYC and youth basketball for the past 13 years.  He started being involved when his son Kenny, first started playing for the Tiger Youth Club in 1998.  Kenny is now a senior of Schurr High School and has been a member of their varsity basketball team for the past two years.

In 2002 Tom became the Parent Rep of the Phantom Tigers and held this position for the past nine years. In 2005 his daughter, Kaylin, joined the Flying Tigers and is now a 6th grader at Macys intermediate School in Monterey Park.

In 2004, Tom became the Tigers Youth Club, Boy’s Athletic Director and became the Organizational Rep to CYC.  He has been involved with assisting the CYC gyms on a weekly basis, the ordering of participation and award trophies for the PW1 thru MB4 divisions, assisting with the preparation of the CYC awards jamboree program booklet and awards jamboree.

Tom has also served as a Division Coordinator for the Tigers Tournament for the past nine years, in charge of the annual boy’s Tiger Picture Day, and Coordinator for the annual Tiger “Tigger” youth basketball clinic.

In 2007-2008, Tom served as the CYC Head Commissioner in charge of basketball operations and each year since then, has assisted the “new” incoming Head Commissioner with the daily operations for the CYC winter and summer seasons.

Tom gives full credit for all of his accomplishments to a very supportive family his son, Kenny, his daughter, Kaylin and his wife, Nancy.  Nancy herself coaches two Tiger teams.  Nancy has been his inspiration and support that allows him to devote his time and energy to OUR boy’s who are OUR future.

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