2014 Kohashi/Taniguchi Award – Sam Kozono

As a youth, Sam Kozono joined CYC as part of the Giants Organization playing both basketball and baseball in 1970.   Later as an adult, Sam joined CYC in 2003 as the Boys Athletic Director representing the Sabers/Saberettes Youth Basketball Organization, located at the East San Gabriel Valley Japanese Community Center. After his 2-year term, he was asked to join CYC as part of the Operational Board.  Some of his duties include handling the t-shirt order for the entire organization, along with the sweatshirt order for the placement teams.  Sam recently picked up the responsibility of running the 7th grade and 8th grade All-Star teams to participate at CYC’s Jamboree.

Sam and his wife, Susie, have 2 children, Melissa and Mitchell who both played basketball with the Sabers/Saberettes Organization. Although their children have both graduated and no longer play, Sam and Susie are both still actively involved with CYC and the Sabers.

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