2013 Kohashi/Taniguchi Award – Kyoko Muronaka

The Community Youth Council (CYC Invitational) is proud to announce that Kyoko Muronaka from the Montebello Jets organization was the recipient of the Shig Kohashi/Kenji Taniguchi Memorial Award. This award is given to an adult in the CYC family who has made an extraordinary contribution to the program over the years and was presented to her at the CYC Jamboree held on February 24 at Schurr High School. She was also congratulated at the annual CYC Appreciation dinner held in Monterey Park on March 15.
Kyoko has been serving as the current CYC Head Commissioner and is the proud mother of two sons – Noah and Nelson who played basketball with Jets since 2003 and are currently on the Mark Keppel High School basketball Junior Varsity and Freshman teams respectively.
She has also served as the Jets representative for CYC since 2006 and was a member of the Jets/Jetts Board of Directors as well as actively serving in a leadership role on many committees. According to Kyoko, volunteering has been her way of giving back to the community and she expressed her appreciation to all.
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