2012 Kohashi/Taniguchi Award – Bruce & Joyce Kunisaki

Joyce and Bruce Kunisaki

Bruce Kunisaki and Joyce Matsui-Kunisaki have been actively involved throughout the years with the Monterey Park Mustangs basketball organization and Community Youth Council (CYC) Invitational and were named this year’s co-winners of the annual CYC Kohashi/Taniguchi Award.  The awards were presented at this year’s annual Jamboree held at Schurr High School on February 26th.

The Kohashi/Taniguchi Award is presented to an adult who has made an extraordinary contribution to the CYC program and is in remembrance of Shig Kohashi and Kenji Taniguchi who dedicated many years of service to CYC.

Bruce and Joyce are the proud parents of 8th grader son Rece and daughter Elyce who is in the 5th grade.  Rece began playing with the Mustangs Titans team in 2003 and their family has been dedicated to the program since.

Bruce has served as the Mustangs Boys Athletic Director, Gym Coordinator for both Mustangs and CYC, worked as Mustangs Representative to CYC and is currently a key advisor for CYC.  Joyce has served as both President and Vice President of Mustangs, coordinates the CYC All Stars programs and also serves as Gym Coordinator and Liaison for the Los Angeles Clippers.

And not to be outdone by their parents, Rece has been playing with the Mustangs Titans since kindergarten and has participated in the 6th Grade All Stars, Tri Stars, CYC Jamboree All Stars and Yonsei Basketball.  Elyce is a “closet basketball girl” according to Joyce and helps out at all the Mustangs clinics along with her brother.

Kunisaki Family (with Mark Shimasaki)

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